Afram Corporation


Program / Construction Management

AFRAM Corporation is a leader in the Program/Project Management Industry. Our professionals provide a hands-on approach and attention to detail to each and every aspect of the construction process, from design to completion. AFRAM professionals act as your personal representative, watching, listening and overseeing all aspects of your project. We concentrate on providing quality services in the areas of program / construction management including:

  • Budget Preparation and Updating
  • Computer-Aided Parameter Cost Model
  • Life-Cycle Costing
  • CPM Scheduling of Design Activities
  • Identification and/or Procurement of Long-Lead Delivery Items 

Contract Procurement

  • Assembly of Bid Packages
  • Bid Solicitation, Analysis and Award
  • Preparation of Contract Documents

Construction Phase

  • Construction Project Management
  • Approval of Invoices and Reviewing Payments
  • Negotiating Change Orders
  • Project Controls and Record Keeping
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Preparation of CPM Scheduling
  • Coordination of Trades
  • Progress Monitoring/Field Observations
  • Construction Inspection
  • Material Testing

Design Phase

  • CPM Network Development of Design Activities
  • Monitor Design Progress
  • Cost and Schedule Reporting
  • Develop Pre-bid CPM Construction Schedule
  • Develop Schedule Specification for Inclusion in Contract 

Construction Phase

  • Develop CPM Working Plan and Computerized Schedule
  • Cost Loading of Project Activities
  • Monitor Construction Progress
  • Cost and Scheduling Reporting
  • Prepare Monthly Narrative Progress Reports

Conceptual or Schematic Design Phase 

  • Preliminary and/or Final Working Document Phases
  • Change Order Evaluation, Value Engineering & Costing during Construction 
  • Value Engineering

Additional Services

  • Evaluation of Claims & Counter-Claims for Settlement Participation in Discovery Process 
  • Expert Witness Presentation
  • Claim Mitigation and Support